About Us


Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Greetings!  We are Brian and Carolyn Beddow.  With a combined background of over 30 years of world travel/tourism and a love for service and hospitality, we cooked up the most UNBELIEVABLE DREAM of opening a bed and breakfast in Saint Jo, Texas -  the heart of North Texas Wine and Hill Country.  

The beautiful inspiration behind our goal is achieving a long-term care plan for our amazing special needs little girl, Paris.   We never imagined we would be working so hard for so long on something so challenging, but it is within this humbling journey that we realize we would not wish it to be any other way.

 When and how did this adventure kick off?  

I (Carolyn) am originally from Lake Kiowa, TX, another small community up by the Red River east of here.  I had traveled to this area for years when i was young; I enjoyed coming out the back way with Dad to visit one of his friends who owned Fischer's Meat Market in Muenster, Texas.  I remember driving through the rolling hills, peppered with cattle and oil wells, hoping that one day, I too, would be lucky enough to settle here.  Fast forward to 2013, it didn't take but one trip and an amazing glass of vino at one of the local wineries to convince Brian, a native of Mesquite, Texas, to scheme up a plan for our future here. Brian recently retired from a 20 year head women's soccer coach career and is now teaching his favorite subjects History and Geography, just 3 blocks away at Saint Jo High School.  During my day job, I am still busy in the ever-growing airline technology biz. 

"Walk it like ya talk it!"

After 3 years of stewing over our dreams, in the summer of 2016, we purchased a large 2 story Victorian house on the corner of the Saint Jo square as a future bed and breakfast (we call it the BIG HOUSE). The sale also included a small uninhabitable 100+ year old house across the street that we now call HIGH COTTON COTTAGE!  Note: The cottage was in such disrepair at the time, it was suggested we bulldoze the old gal down and use the land for a parking lot at the big house.  After further inspection and A LOT of imagination, we decided to start her renovation first.  She has been completely transformed into one of the most CHARMING, LUXURIOUS, and WHIMSICAL bed and breakfast cottage experiences you will EVER have (THANKS to Brian, a.k.a., Leonardo and his phenomenal ability to design and build whatever his wife, Me, a.k.a., Nadia the flip flopper dreams up)!  Words cannot express how proud we are of the cottage's restoration; she is most certainly "walkin' in high cotton" now, and we are SO thrilled to share this beauty with you!

On that note... 

We very much look forward to meeting and serving you, should you decide to be one of our future guests!  If not, we still hope you come out and enjoy this historic and scenic area!

"There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them."

So see y'all soon,

Brian, Carolyn, Paris, and our Fur Kids Atlas and Apollo

(Bernese Mountain Dog hugs are also included)